Vacation Rental Website Design

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you develop vacation rental websites for other content management systems like Joomla?

We develop websites ONLY for the Wordpress platform.

What is WordPress?

Wordpress is the worlds leading content management system (or CMS). It enables people to maintain their websites with zero knowledge of HTML. If you can type a Word document or email, then you can use Wordpress!

Must I use the Lodgix.com vacation rental management software?

Yes! We only design websites for Lodgix clients.

How long will it take to design, develop and deploy my new website?

In general the design phase will take 7-10 days. Once we get client signoff, the development phase will take 2-3 weeks depending on the size of your business. Deployment and tweaking generally takes another week. The entire project from start to finish is about a month. The whole processed can be sped up significantly if you have a great source of clear, hi-res images, as well as some ideas as to what message you'd like your vacation rental website to convey. It's not a huge deal if you don't have those things, we certainly can provide them, it just helps speeds things up!